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  • Senior Staff Accountant

    The Senior Staff Accountant is responsible for the general accounting functioning of the organization and are expected to process a large volume of work in a deadline driven environment. The Senior Staff Accountant will assist accounts payable in areas such as employee expense reports, cash control, collections calls, payroll processing and total corporate payroll tax compliance. The person in this position will assist accounts receivable to ensure the accurate and timely management of billings, cash receipts application, funding service management which includes weekly funding reports, customer service, quarter and year end payroll closing including federal and state reports.

  • Staff Accountant

    The Staff Accountant is expected to process a large volume of work in a deadline driven environment with a “roll up your sleeves” type attitude. The Staff Accountant will assist Accounts Payable in areas such as employee expense reports, cash control, collections calls, payroll processing and total corporate payroll tax compliance. The Staff Accountant will assist Accounts Receivable to ensure the accurate and timely management of billings, cash receipts application, funding service management which includes weekly funding reports, customer service, quarter and year end payroll closing including federal and state reports.

  • Director of Human Resources

    The Director of Human Resources is responsible for directing all of the people functions of the corporation in accordance with the policies and practices of the corporation and is the ethical and social consciences of business within the laws. This person will handle all the documentation related to employee reviews, disciplinary actions, hiring and employee terminations. The individual will also be responsible for the strategic human resource planning to provide the company with the best people talent available and to position the company as the employer of choice by being aware of policies, practices and trends within the media industry. The Human Resources Director originates and leads Human Resources practices and objectives that will provide an employee-oriented, high performance culture that emphasizes empowerment, quality, productivity and standards, goal attainment, and the recruitment and ongoing development of a superior workforce. The Human Resources Director coordinates implementation of services, policies, and programs through Human Resources staff; reports to the CEO and serves on the executive management team; and assists and advises company managers about Human Resources issues.

  • Fulltime Internal Recruiter

    This Individual is a sales professional who links up the best possible candidates with outstanding opportunities within the organization. This Individual is equally adept at building a robust pipeline of active and passive candidates and positioning a variety of opportunities with high-potential candidates.

    The Individual is responsible for developing a steady flow of active and passive candidates for high volume positions in the organization including but not limited to Sales,Production, Accounting and Marketing. This role will have extensive interaction with hiring managers, utilizing a consultative approach to drive the candidate management process, providing a greater volume of highly qualified candidates to minimize time-to-fill.

  • HTML 5 Developer

    The Person in this position is responsible for the design, layout and coding of a website. This individual will be required to create web sites using various elements: graphic guidelines, images, illustrations, layout, fonts, colors, etc.

    The HTML 5 Developer is involved with the technical and graphical aspects of a website and the maintenance/update of existing sites. A person in this position should have sound knowledge of both mainstream as well as latest and cutting-edge web design technologies. The HTML 5 Developer will have to establish the purpose of a website based upon its target audience and identify the type of content the site will host and determine any functionality as well as technologies used on the site.

  • Sr. SQL Server Programmer

    SQL Server Programmer is an experienced database professional who designs and creates highly scaleable and high performance databases on Microsoft SQL Server platform.

    This position is NOT a simple database administration and maintenance position. It requires deep understanding and hands-on skills of database design concepts and T-SQL language.

    A qualified SQL Server Programmer should be able to create complex T-SQL queries and stored procedures in SQL Server 2008 or better. He/She must also be able to analyze both complex database schemas and large amounts of data.

  • Segment Producer

    As a segment producer you are responsible for writing and producing television content for a national television show and other related outlets. The segment producer is an integral part of the creative and production team entrusted with creating, developing, and directing entertaining television segments for a national television audience. The segment producer takes pride in their work and is the primary individual responsible for producing world-class, high quality television content. Those professionals working in the television industry generally cooperate with a variety of staff members such as EVP Production, EVP Programming, Production Coordinators, Associate Producers Script Writer and clients to gather information for the project or projects they are working on. They also manage production teams including camera operators, reporters and broadcast technicians to provide live satellite feeds or shoot video for later editing into segment packages. They arrange interviews and location shots, and produce content under strict deadlines.

  • Executive Assistant

    The position of the Executive Assistant (EA) was created to support the Associate Producers (AP). Their primary focus is to schedule appointments for the AP to have a Business to Business telephone conversation with prospective show participants. The EA manages the AP’s schedule by booking the appointment over the telephone and sending meeting invitation for the call via Microsoft Outlook. EA's are required to enter all information discussed with the prospect into O2 Media’s proprietary database. The EA will also provide general support for the programming team as required by management.

  • Integrated Media Sales Representative

    The Integrated Media Sales Representative will be responsible for prospecting,researching and calling on C-level Decision Makers in Companies for Branded entertainment, Sponsorship and Brand integration opportunities. This individual must be able to cold call, develop relationships over the phone and have high level conversations that ask for funding. They will be required to meet all defined sales quotas, deadlines and show schedules.

  • Lead Prospector

    The Lead Prospector position is part of our programming department where we deal with C-level executives from major corporations across the United States. The goal as a prospector is to identify, qualify and generate new sales opportunities with a persistent, results-oriented, “hunter” attitude. We work with corporate executes via outbound channels having consultative conversations regarding their current corporate products, services and trends in hopes scheduling an appointment for the sales team to meet with them to close the sale. It is the prospector’s job to conduct internet research to obtain leads and make qualifying sales calls to companies to determine if they are a viable lead for our programming department.

  • Researcher/Writer

    The Researcher/Writer has a strong intellectual curiosity coupled with strong research and writing skills to write engaging content that harnesses the interests of our audience, and ignites the power of our brands. Working closely with our Associate Producers and other members of our programming team, the Researcher/Writer researches companies (potential participants), to find contact information, and craft intriguing story-lines that brings our messaging to life through our television shows. The Researcher/Writer creates high-quality, on-trend content that starts with a conversation with potential show contributors, brings context to the trends showcased on our shows, and generally entertains and enriches the way our viewers interact with the featured brands.

  • Closed Captioning Transcriptionist

    The Transcriptionist will be responsible for Broadcast quality closed captioning of all television media providing the viewer with a text version of the audio during a pre-recorded television show or infomercial. Our shows range from :30 spots to 60 min programming. As the closed captioning Transcriptionist methods utilized vary, but most commonly relies on sounds and phonics by listening to the audio thru headphones.

  • Freelance Editor

    The Freelance Editor's role is to transform raw footage filmed on the set/field for television shows into a polished final product for broadcast. Using computer technology, TV Editors mix video footage with music, sound effects, audio and special effects.

  • Freelance Studio Sound Technician

    As a sound technician you will be required to assemble, operate and maintain the technical equipment used to record, amplify, enhance, mix or reproduce sound. You will identify the sound requirements for a given task or situation and perform the appropriate actions to produce this sound. This position of Sound Technician will cover a number of different specific roles, including: Operating a mixing console (desk) in a studio or outside Broadcast control room (field). Selects and places microphones in studio and tests all sound sources before recording. During the production brings-in sound from microphones, 3 Chanel and 4 channels for multi cam shoots. Controls volume levels and monitors sound quality.

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